The most recent expenditure data posted on this site is from the reporting period ending March 30th, 2011. Due to changes in administrative procedures, data from later reporting periods will no longer be posted. Please visit to access data from more recent reporting periods.

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Recovery Map

The Recovery Map, developed in partnership with the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office, displays detailed information about Recovery Act spending through March 31, 2011 and on jobs data for the January through March reporting quarter. It is important to note that award and spending information is cumulative, for the life of the award, while jobs data is reflective of the reporting quarter only. The jobs data represents workers for which salaries and wages were paid for with Recovery Act funds during the reporting quarter.

Note that the data reflects information reported to the federal government for activities from state administered programs through March 31, 2011, and does not include information on funds that were awarded directly from the federal government to local programs. For comprehensive information on awards to Minnesota, please visit

On the overall stimulus funding map, represented by the dollar sign icons, project data is displayed at the county level. For projects that cross counties, the total amount for the project is displayed in each county served by the project. *Newly available alternative maps now display specific project data by school district, charter schools and cooperatives, and workforce area.

This data will be updated quarterly. Minnesota Management and Budget has also posted a comprehensive excel spreadsheet containing all of the data included in reports to the federal government as well as data used for the development of this map. In some cases, project detail descriptions on the map may be truncated due to software limitations and additional information may be available within the comprehensive excel spreadsheet. Click here to access an Excel workbook.

*Data cannot be attested to upon secondary usage. That is, once data is downloaded, it is no longer the responsibility of Minnesota state government to attest to its quality.

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